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Motor home life started for us in 2018 and soon after the Web-Page was created. In order to maintain the Web-Page we are asking that visitors consider a small donation to help defray the cost.

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About the Author

Charles' first published camping articles were in Trail Blazer magazine in the mid 1980’s, and has 2 current E-Books, Camping in Comfortand, Now for the Davits.

After spending a career in Education and upon early retirement, Charles made a break for it and took a solo kayak expedition down the Missouri River in 2003. After returning, he rebuilt the first of 5 sailboats, and delivered a 42 foot sailboat from Los Angeles California to Seattle
Dawn and I have both lived aboard boats since 2002/2003 and traveled in Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as the coast of California, Florida, and Texas. After Hurricane Irma we bought a 23 foot motor home to tour in.
There were so many parallels between full time RV living and Sailing that caused this series to be born.  

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