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Special Edition News

Special Edition News

SunChaser at Fort Peck Montana

We had some very interesting company visit the boat ramp here in Fort Peck while we were camped.

A De Havilland Beaver with two pilots landed at the lake behind the Dam.

Scott the owner brought it down from Alaska and was on route to Minnesota and stopped to refuel here.

We had an interesting conversation yesterday and today we texted back and forth as they flew out.

His friend’s son Joe took off and did a flyby and we also did a video of the takeoff.

He was the director of Flight ops for Seaborn Airlines in Saint Thomas and they operated 7 Twin Otters 5 were on Floats.

We found we have much in common and they sailed a catamaran in Fiji and has relatives in Florida.

We will most likely meet up in the future .

He said he would have offered to let me fly it but they had it full and it was almost at gross so some other time.

There will be more in next month’s newsletter.

Dawn and I have such interesting adventures! 



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Mobile Odyssey is about creating a lifestyle either part or full time. The principle goal is for owners of RV’s to explore the possible world of boating, and for boaters to explore the possible world of the RVing.

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Sailboat to motor home is a 10 part series that is written with a potential RV owner in mind. 
Drawing from our boating experience the basics have been transferred to the odyssey in the motor home using real world experience. 
It is our hope that any potential RV owner will benefit from the experience.
Like most of life, it is a continuing learning experience.

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